Damien Jalet has travelled the world, infusing his dance with images of the myths, religions, and rituals of each country that he visits, and reflecting the conflict between body and mind in the dance. Kohei Nawa explores materials and techniques through his sculptures and installations that communicate an organic world view while successfully combining image and materiality.

As the basic concept for this part of their collaborative project, Jalet and Nawa chose "vessel"—the background to everything that is subsumed by life and death, and the cycles of earth and life. Incorporating into the stage design a breadth of physical properties that extends to gases, liquids, and solids, they attempt to create a dynamic merger between the stage and the bodies of the dancers as they constantly transform their figures.

The distinctive "headless" poses hide the head, conferring anonymity by concealing gender and identity and hinting at the existence of some non-human entity. The world view painted by this sculptural dance transcends the genre of performing art, and bears the promise of further extension into different fields.


Choreography : Damien Jalet
Set Design : Kohei Nawa
Music : Marihiko Hara(Special guest: Ryuichi Sakamoto)
Light Design : Yukiko Yoshimoto
Dance : Mirai Moriyama, Aimilios Arapoglou, Nobuyoshi Asai, Jun Morii, Mayumu Minakawa, Naoko Tozawa, Nicola Leahey

Technical Director : So Ozaki
Technician : Masato Kodama, Reo Nukumizu (SANDWICH Inc.)

Project Manager : Noriko Horie


Support : Grand Marble



“Vessel is a masterpiece"




“Vessel has been the standout performance work of the Festival for me – one of those pieces that redefine what you thought was humanly (or inhumanly) possible onstage.”

The Daily Review


« ***** Jalet has brought another dimension to dance. The dancers’ physicality is extraordinary. The collaborators tell us in the program notes that “their aim was to fuse sculpture and dance”. In this they have succeeded beyond measure. Congratulations.”


Theaterpeople review.


« Nothing can prepare you for this...As the bodies straddle and hold, evolving into a series of increasingly complex forms, the audience is transfixed.... Masterful and wonderfully weird. We filed out of the theatre, spent.»




« the imagination may not have stretched to this... Jalet’s fortuitous meeting with Nawa and their subsequent collaboration has created a visually stunning and innovative ­masterclass for choreographers, dancers and sculptors. As for the awe-struck audience, we will hereafter look at the human form, and sculpture, in a more enriching way.” »

The Australian


« Vessel impressively unites the differing creative disciplines, ideas and experiences in a unique, sixty-minute, visceral synergy of intriguing complexity and imagination. »

Dance Australia


“By the end of the performance I was convinced it was unlike anything else in the world.. a uniquely compelling coalescence of artforms that will be imprinted in my mind for years to come....”.”


Limelight magazine


« In this quiet but mesmerising work, Jalet and Nawa have enabled the body to take primacy.

Vessel is a must-see »

The West Australian


« Like sculptures brought to life these

forms begin to unfold,unravel and blossom.

These bodies blur the lines of identity, of gender, of race and even of species.

The dancers are mesmerising throughout.

I’m not sure where Vessel took me, but it’s definitely somewhere I have never been before......”

Sunday times / Perth now